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  1. marcparis:

    A little error: it’s Nicolas Appert, not Alpert (although, like Herb Alpert, he used a metal instrument). In French, “appertiser” is still used to men “to can”.

  2. words1:

    Oops (x 2). Fixed it — thanks.

  3. JJ:

    I am not sure about the latin ‘Canna.’ I find it translated ‘reed.’ I do find ‘contineo’ meaning ‘i hold together’… but look for middle Irish, coming from old English (and probably of Proto-Germanic background) for it. Cann, Canna (OE Canne) is a can/cup/krater. All this of course according to wiki, so accuracy doesn’t necessarily trace through. BUT aside from that thanks for a brilliant summary. This is great!

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