Lock, Stock and Barrel

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  1. jeanie perkins:

    This was most entertaining! I used this term today at lunch. My husband was musing aloud that he thought this term came from the purchase of a farm! “Lock” meaning the key to the domicile, “stock” meaning the livestock, and “barrel” meaning all the accoutrements associated with the property. I said that I thought it was in reference to the sale of a gun. THANK YOU for proving me right!!! I videotaped my husband saying “you were right”, because this may never happen again, hahahaha…..

    Have a wonderful day. I know I will!
    jeanie perkins

  2. Darrell Smith:

    I have also heard this phrase referencing pre-prohibition Tied House. The brewery owned them “Lock, Stock, and Barrel” meaning the key to the door, everything inside from bar stools to the bar itself and of course the barrels of beer. I like your explanation better.

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