Cod (mock)

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  1. Ladygwyneth:

    Anyone who has ever played D&D will tell you it is NOT a board game. There is no standard “board” for D&D as there is for, say, Monopoly or Scrabble. DMs or Dungeon Masters create a “world” that the players inhabit. Sometimes it exists on mere graph paper and sometimes it exists in premade “modules” that the less creative can buy off the shelf, but mostly it exists in the players imaginations.

  2. Ladygwyneth:

    How egregious of me to have left the apostrophe out of “players'”. I need to proofread more carefully!

  3. aspkicker:

    is there any link to the term ‘codswallop’

  4. Kristin:

    I’m not sure that there is any hope of being answered here, but I do see that someone else waited five years between comments, so I’ll try.

    Is cod as a fish used to represent other fish, ever? Like the white fish used in imitation crab?

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