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  1. Topi Linkala:

    In UK pie, as a food, doesn’t necessary have pastry crust, but can be a owen baked dish with mashed potatoe on top. Shepeard’s pie has minced meat a gravy under the potatoe and fishpie has various fishes, veggies and sauce under the potatoe.


  2. Jules:

    I’ll drink to that description!

  3. Tim A:

    But how much credence we should give to someone who cannot even spell a simple word such as POTATO ?

    [Ed. -- I'll bet he can. He just didn't this time.]

  4. patti:

    Do you have an origin for the expression : “to go pie” used when one has lost all their money playing at mah jongg?

  5. Mark Holroyd:

    As a trained compositor and letterpress printer we always spelt ‘pi’ not ‘pie’. ‘Pica’ is a unit of measurement used in compositing not a style of type.
    Letterpress printing has it’s own unique system of measurement based on the one inch measurement which is subdivided into points. A ‘pica’ is equivalent to one sixth of an inch or twelve ‘points’, their being seventy two ‘points’ to one inch.

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