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  1. Margaret:

    They switched over from rectangular bales in order to give cows a more well-rounded meal.

  2. Wendy:

    Har-har. Actually, the machines that make the round bales pack it much more tightly than the hay in the square bales. This allows them to be left outside. While the elements do ruin the outermost layer of the hay, the rest remains in usuable condition. The square bales, on the other hand, have to be protected from the elements to keep them from going bad. Typically, they’d be put up in a barn, which was very hard work. With the current equipment and round hay bales, a lone farmer make hay without any additional assistance.

  3. Maggie:

    Also, I think the grade of hay is superior and obviously more expensive when it is square baled and is used more for horses, while cattle are hardier, and and can handle the inferior quality. Horse can get really sick from moldy or improperly seasoned hay.

    Hard work doesn’t describe it :) Up in the loft of the barn on a 90 degree day, tossing around 40 lb loads that shed itchy bits of material and dust all over, but its a labor of love!

  4. Russ:

    One note on round bales: They have a “grain” to them (pardon the pun). Like a spool of thread. It helps them to shed water.

  5. Randallord Smith:

    As a joke I would like to know if the meaning of “making hay” as a sexual act was deliberately avoided. : ) It IS fantastic to see the importance of little things historically to society as whole. An example of that is the crucial role comfortable clothing plays in society. Itchy, hard to clean clothing was a major issue for people that affected the quality of life and longevity! (Many diseases and infections killed people because of broken skin from scratching)

  6. Martin Gingold:

    I associate this word with boxing. In past years boxing was a closely followed sport. When there was a heavy weight match, you could bet that most of the TV viewers were watching it. The term was used by the announcer when a boxer started a swing from way back and it landed on the jaw of the opponent.

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