Four Flusher

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  1. Lynne Gonzalez:

    Thanks for giving the background of four flusher. I remember my dad using that term constantly when I was small, and I would get it wrong and repeat it as floor flusher. Now I know.

  2. Rob:

    I first heard it in the Buggs Bunny cartoon.
    “My Bunny Lies over the Sea” 1948

    Buggs calls McCrory a flour flusher during a game of golf.

  3. Lola Allen:

    i used to do DIY plumbing at home at my work seems to be on par with regular plumbers.”"-

  4. Jim Cripps:

    Having just watched the silent “The Show Off” (1926) with Louise Brooks, in one of the title cards, Lulu called the character Aubrey a ‘Floor Flusher’. Maybe that was a typo? This movie is second-billed on a DVD with Clara Bow’s “The Plastic Age”, which is funny, because a character in that movie calls someone else a ‘four flusher’!

    Thanks for the definition.

  5. sky:

    My boyfriend told me that it was fore flusher; meaning a man who flushes the urinal before he finishes peeing in it. A Fore Flusher is therefore a man who is lazy (flushing before he’s finished just to hurry up and get the flushing motion over and done with….leaving smelly pee in the urinal for someone else to clean up.) Then I just heard Clark Gabel ask his wife if she thought he was what sounded like a fore flusher, but now that I googled that, I found out he must have been speaking of Four Flusher as in your description. Anybody else ever here of the Fore Flusher term?

  6. sky:

    So, if you think about it, the character of men who either Four Flush or Fore Flush is similar. I could definately see a Four Flusher Fore Flushing, and visa-versa.

  7. catfreak:

    I searched for the term ‘fourflusher’ after seeing it used for an episode of The Rifleman.

    In the episode, there was a man who tried his darndest to cheat and finagle his way into winning an entire wheat crop as well as $1000 . . .


  8. Jim:

    Thank you for your answer to my question; defining the term four flusher. After reading the replies however, I feel like the guy who asked a stranger for the correct time and said stranger told him how to make a watch. Keep the faith.

  9. Robert Burke:

    Four flusher is a person so full of s**t that he or she needs to flush four times….hence “four flusher”

  10. Sandbox:

    There is also an episode of Popeye called “The Royal Four Flusher.” That means there is both an episode for Four Flusher and floor flusher.

  11. Dave:

    I heard this term from the NBC Sunday Night Movie — I think it was in the early 1990′s — LBJ The Early Years. Lyndon Johnson’s first job in Washington D.C. was as an assistant to Congressman Clayburg. His nasty wife called Lyndon Johnson a four flusher the day she fired him. A woman firing a man? Where was this — on Mars?

  12. Movie Buff:

    I was watching a movie with Clark Gable in it called “Homecoming” made in 1948. Someone called Gable’s character a ‘Four Flusher’. This caused his character to react strongly. Curious, I went on, and put in ‘floor flusher’ and found out it was actually ‘Four Flusher’. Thanks for educating me in the meaning of the term.

  13. Ron:

    In poker it might be a little more subtle. It’s the player who lucks-out in Texas Holdem, when he has only one of the suit in his hand. Not a skilled player.

  14. Jeremy:

    Sean Penn calls an unknown guy a “four-flusher” in the movie Sweet & Lowdown. Emmet Ray(Penn) says he burned a $100 bill to trump the FF’s $20.’I could cut that kinda stuff out’ he says. The phrase was common enough in the 30′s & used appropriately. Empty boaster. I always knew the phrase from movies & books. I understood the supposition was insultingly negative. After briefly researching I now know why.

  15. Greg:

    I always heard this line from Disney’s The Jungle Book, but I always thought the panther was calling Baloo a “fore-fletcher” at the end of the movie. I just came across it again lately while reading comics. In Batman #16 from 1943, the Joker was referred to as a “four-flusher”. The little lightbulb blinked on above my head.

  16. StevenKeys:

    What a terrific explanation, TWD: thorough, not haughty and good, clean fun, to boot. Hey, what’s the genesis on that last bit (“to boot”)?

  17. TASmith:

    This explanation is years old, but I thought I would add: since Google indexes past issues of newspapers, you can now find interesting historical usage for lots of terms. For example, this letter from a 1909 Spokane newpaper is headlined “Flour Flusher Better Than Man Who Won’t Put Up Dukes”, but that appears to be a typo because the text of the article uses the term four-flusher, and in the manner described by Mr. Morris:,4132155

  18. Richard McDonough:

    Often used for one who lived high but had not the means to pay forit during the 1940s in my Biston boyhood. Pretty much in libe with the traditional meaning as in tge George Ade quote.

  19. Charlie N:

    But the motive of a four-flusher is to bluff his/her opponent. Who knows why some guys fore-flush? Maybe a ancient behavior akin to marking one’s territory.

  20. Nina franco:

    I just heard the term used in a 1947 movie where Eddie Braken won a poker hand, he only had 4 of the same suit but bluffed and won. Later someone said he could not be trusted because he was a four flusher.

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