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  1. Wendy Went:

    I like went as past tense of wend especially for 21st century use. Let just put the wend back into went, and keep is easy to say.

  2. Wendy Went:

    Also it would be nice, as a side note, to correctly say, Wendy went her way through wormwood woods.

  3. Jim:

    I found this discussion because I was wondering about the past tense of “wend”… “wended” sounds too clumsy. Frankly, I was hoping to find that it was “wound”, which I think would still be a reasonable substitute, considering the etymology of both words in the sense of “turning”.

  4. Elizabeth R.:

    I had wished that the past tense of “wend” was “wend”. Perhaps if English were more concerned with the aesthetic, or if there were a governing Academy as the French have, “wended” would be as incorrect as it is clumsy.

    As it is, I hope this word will continue to be available to describe going or returning in a meandering way, rather than relegated to an archaic status.

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