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  1. Paul:

    I came across this usage in notes about a school in Landeau, SD (the town no longer exists): “A one room school building was in place prior to 1932. The one room addition used as a teacherage was added sometime after 1938. Until that time, a corner of the school room was partitioned off for the teacher’s living quarters.”

  2. owc:

    Teacherage appears in Half-Broke Horses, about life on the frontier.

  3. Texchanchan:

    A character in one of Zenna Henderson’s “The People” books, set in the semidesert West, lives in a teacherage. She is the teacher for a one-room schoolhouse serving a large, thinly populated area far from even a small town.

  4. Brenda:

    We live in a historical Teacherage that hosted the teachers from the school right beside it from approx. 1935 until 2011 in rural USA.
    It has eight spacious bedrooms, some with small private bathrooms and some with only a vanity and a shared bathroom outside the room.
    It also has a big laundry, living, dining and porch.

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