Soup up

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  1. Alexandra Cooper:

    I really love to eat lots of different kinds of soup specially vegetable based soups.-.-

  2. Reece Khan:

    i love all sorts of soup but my most favorite soup is none other chicken or beef soup.~-;

  3. Charlie N.:

    I like escarole and beans soup, but what does that have to do with “Soup Up?”

  4. Maria:

    just came across souping me up in the song “the mask” (fugees)

    Soupin me up sayin “Your a nice worker,”



    i’m from Brooklyn originally, and we used that term also. And it did mean to curry favor with,or to appeal to someone ego,or high opinion of themselves,or to play on someone’s naivete,or to “butter up” Hope this helps you with your Son in law.

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