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  1. marcparis:

    And I imagine the “nose” association with “snitch” is strengthened by the general use of sn- to refer to things nasal… (sneer, sneeze, snooty, snot,etc.).

  2. cavario h.:

    Are you familiar with the word “Snitch” being used colloquially to mean “to steal with stealth and quickness”?


    I love it. What a double oxy moron

  4. zio:

    Snitch means to tattle or rat someone out slang for tattletale or blabbermouth

  5. Leo smith:

    Why is snitching such a dirty word?. Recently I had the most unfortunate conversation with a friend who insist that he would never give the authorities any information on any crime he witness been committed against a innocent person because that would be snitching and he’s not a snitch. I told him I was always under the impression that snitching only applies to individuals who are partners in crime and one decides to turn in the other to the police but he said no and that once you give information to the police that’s snitching

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