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  1. marcparis:

    I thought that the “el” in “pixel” came from “element” (pixel = picture element). Is that correct?

  2. RolyMole:

    There’s also “pixelated” in the sense of having some pixels in an image deliberately smeared, cleared or otherwise obscured to prevent something undesirable being seen – e.g. a face that could be recognised or a pornographic image.

  3. ShiftR:

    Pixelated was first used in the nerd world, I believe, to refer to any image whose visual quality was reduced by the perception of the pixels themselves. Later the effect was adopted to deliberately obscure images. Textbooks certainly give ‘picture element’ as the origin of pixel. There are also ‘voxels’, the 3D equivalent of 2D pixels. Somewhere out there there are probably one or more aged nerds who believe they coined ‘pixel’. So why are words ‘coined’?

  4. Topi Linkala:

    @SiftR: Words are coined because in a technical document using the full definition every time would make the reading (more) tedious.

  5. thepratingknave:

    @Topi Linkala: I believe ShiftR was inquiring as to how the term ‘coined’ was, well, coined. I’ve often wondered myself.

  6. mr.kanada:

    I started using the word ‘pixelated’ back in 1999 when I was listening to my friends in college talk about pixels and such for his graphic design project. I wittingly ;) described his ‘distorted/blurry’ picture he had on his screen as ‘pixelated’ where he promptly laughed at me and said there was no such word.

    So does that mean I came up with the word and it spread across the world like wildfire? I coined the word! Sweet!

    Hahaha, needless to say, I am not a nerd. Far from it actually.

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