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  1. Erin:

    Are those half-million hits talking about women, or about, y’know, distaffs? Wrist distaffs are popular with drop spindle spinners, while a lot of spinning wheels for sale today have optional distaffs to attach to them. There are pages on how to dress distaffs, pages on how to spin from distaffs, pages of people selling handmade distaffs. For comparison, “scutching” gets 147,000 hits on Google, and far fewer people involved in the fiber arts are doing scutching than are using a distaff.

  2. john:

    I am afraid I have to disagree with the origin of the word Distaff, it was and has always been a tool used to hold wool or flax etc for the spinner. There are many different types and styles, for example free standing or ones that tuck in the belt etc. Flax distaffs differ from ones used for wool they usualy have a cone like bit at the top to hold the flax. Nothing to do with weaving

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