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  1. Sunglasses:

    That was so interesting! I’ve never heard of that before in my life. I totally believed everything that you said about the prehistoric drunkard animal, haha I’m so gullible. But really, I thought that was very interesting and would love to read something in that style. I think it would take a little training but it would be an experience for sure!

  2. OwenKL:

    Because of some interest in philology, I’ve ‘run across’ (pun intended) this word a few times. But oddly, I’ve never been sure if it was just the order of the letters that was reversed, or if the individual letters themselves were also turned around. Would that mean a child would need to learn essentially 2 alphabets instead of just one? (Though with block and cursive, majuscule and minuscule, we really learn 4 alphabets anyway.)

  3. will:


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