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  1. Topi Linkala:

    Have to correct that the first truly practical large-scale computer was Colossus. First build in 1943. They were dismantled and their existence declared as a war secret, so their existence became as a public knowledge in 1993 or there about.

  2. MarkB:

    By about 1963 when I was reading DC comics, the character was called Brainiac 5. Apparently, some time after I grew out of the DC world, the story lines went haywire, with different versions of characters in different ‘universes.’ I only know because I ran into the phenomenon on Wikipedia, where the trivial in pop culture is exalted. Oh, for the days when there was one and only one Superman.

  3. Josh:

    @MarkB – “Brainiac 5″ is a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes, who reside approximately 1000 years into the future. “Brainiac” is his modern day ancestor and fought Superman in the “present” day. “Pre-Crisis” refers to an event, “Crisis on Infinite Earths” published in 1986 that reset comic book continuity. Many DC Comics taking place before the “Crisis” (“Pre-Crisis”) had elements of silliness and humor, and might not have any connection to each other. DC Comics published after the Crisis event (“Post-Crisis”) were written as though they all took place within the same universe and attempted to have a consistency lacking in silliness.

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